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Masters of Sex Recap: Our Very Best – Vulture


Masters of Sex Recap: Our Very Best
We gave our very best." There's a way to say those words that's romantic, suggesting that there are "years" of best yet to come, and there's a way to say it like an ending. It's pretty clear Bill's doing the latter. Masters of Sex has had flashier
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‘Bobby Davro had sex with my wife in my kitchen while I was in bed’, says his … –

'Bobby Davro had sex with my wife in my kitchen while I was in bed', says his
Celebrity Big Brother star Bobby Davro slept with the wife of his wheelchair-bound best friend, her devastated husband has claimed. TV magician Wayne Dobson says the comedian betrayed their 30-year showbiz friendship by “pursuing” attractive …
CBB's Bobby Davro allegedly 'had sex' with best friend's
"Bobby Davro had sex with my wife in the kitchen when I was ill in bed Scottish Daily Record

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Watch Laverne Cox And Nick Offerman In The Best Sex Ed Video Ever –

Watch Laverne Cox And Nick Offerman In The Best Sex Ed Video Ever
Sex ed isn't just the most awkward, uncomfortable class you'll ever take in high school: Depending on where you live, it's also the one class that can completely fail to actually teach you anything you need to know. In the latest “Last Week Tonight
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Viola Davis Reveals Troubled Past; Best Sex of Your Life at 50+; The Mysteries … – PR Newswire (press release)

PR Newswire (press release)

Viola Davis Reveals Troubled Past; Best Sex of Your Life at 50+; The Mysteries
PR Newswire (press release)
Keeping Things Hot and Heavy After 50: Studies show that sexual behavior is highly correlated to overall happiness and health. However, as we age, new challenges — both mental and physical — may cause us to rewrite the sexual playbook. In this issue
Inside the August/September Issue of AARP The Magazine and Online with Web Virtual Press Office (press release)

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Getting A Workout In The Bedroom

Any human being who has engaged in sexual activities will attest to the fact that not only is it a physical activity; it is one that will get a person’s heart racing. That, by definition, makes it a cardio exercise, “any exercise that raises your heart rate” according to most resources. Although the average session of intercourse lasts approximately twenty to thirty minutes, in that time, a lot of calories can be burnt off. According to research, during sex, men typically burn off 100 calories while women burn 69.

Of course, there many ways to up the caloric burn as well as increasing the fun in the bedroom. Adding a little extra activity to foreplay is a great way to warm up for the real workout. However the three keys to having a really great sexual exercise session are intensity, longevity and orgasms. Research shows that those who orgasm, especially more than once per session, burn more calories and have much more satisfactory results than those who do not. Sex that effectively doubles as exercise requires a certain amount of commitment, a bit of communication and a lot of stamina.

Changing up the bedroom activity can help to increase the calorie burning value of a couple’s sex life. Having sex in the morning, when men’s testosterone levels are peaking, has been found to be very effective. Changing positions at least three times during a session of sex will give the exercise value a bump too. Different positions require the use of different muscles. So deciding which muscles need a little extra attention, may inspire a new position to try. The more challenging the positions, the more beneficial they tend to be health-wise. The old standby positions, like missionary and doggie-style, are okay but throwing in a few rounds standing up or using a chair can really heat up the routine.

The average 4 calories per minute that men burn, and 3 per minute that women burn, is minuscule compare to what thirty minutes in the gym could produce. However, it is far better than the average 1 calorie per minute that is burnt by watching television (which becomes moot if snacking during the show). Sexual activity is the best form of exercise, not because it does the most to keep muscles up and weight down, but because it get the heart pumping, works the body’s muscle and burns calories all with the added benefit of having some fun.