Creative sex – good or bad?

I used to think that creative sex was the answer to all of our problems but now I know different. My boyfriend never really seemed to get turned on unless there was a pair of hand cuffs or whip involved. I didn’t mind, and my work at London escorts has taught me that people get turned on by all sorts. However, my boyfriend was getting more and more carried away. In the end, he went a bit too far and totally lost control. I ended up being hurt and had to take a couple of weeks off from London escorts.

It was really frightening and was the end of our relationship. Fortunately, my girlfriends at London escorts were really great and helped me a lot. At the time, I did not know what to do, so I called my boss at London escorts. When he came around my boyfriend had left, but I was a mess on the floor. My boss from London escorts took me to the hospital right away, and he called the police. While they treated me in hospital, he went back to my place so the police could take photos, it was so good of him.

Fortunately, it was my apartment so my boyfriend had no right to be there. My boss from my London escorts agency actually packed up all of his stuff, and threw him out. My boyfriend was actually arrested and questioned, but I did not want to bring any charges, I just wanted him out of my life. The girls at London escorts came around and cleaned up the place, and when I came home, everything had changed. The girls had even bought me a new bed with a nice mattress. That is what I call good friends, and it was a nice feeling.

At the moment, I am not escorting at London escorts, instead I am working in the office. My boss at London escorts is really worried about me, and he tries to keep an eye on me. I think that he is being a bit over protective but it is a nice. I would like to go back to my regular job, but this is okay as well. It is nice to go into work, and have a cup of tea and chat. I feel that I need tons of company at the moment, and sometimes I wake up scared.

Alan, my boss at London escorts, changed all of the locks on my flat, and even made sure that I don’t have to walk home on my own. He drives me home, or puts me straight in a taxi. The problem is that I think that I am beginning to fancy him, and that may not be the best thing in the world. But then again, he is free and single and so am I. Alan and I talk a lot and that feels good. It is nice to be close to someone who knows what happened, and I have just realized that he has bough me another potted plant for my desk. He is such a sop!

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