Getting Creative with your lover

Do you want to get creative with your lover but you don’t know where to find the ideas? Don’t worry, Sara from London escorts is happy to give us all some advice on how to get creative with our partners. Sara has been working for London escorts services for the last four years and she has many tricks up her sleeve. According to Sara it is all about having fun with our partners in a sexy sort of way. But, how can we achieve that? Sara is going to share her top three tricks with you to give you some ideas.

Making love is all about location, location, location, says Sara. It is all too easy to fall into the trap of just making love in the bedroom, says Jodie a London escort services. Check out your house, and I am sure that there are many fun places you can make love, smiles Sara.

You have the living room which can also help you to try some new hot position, and what about on top of the washing machine on the spin cycle, we all need good vibrations from time to time, advices Sara. Sex advice from London escorts is clearly about the location.

Don’t forget to spice things up with sex toys as well. I have looked around the net and there are many great places where you can buy sex toys now. Even the web site Groupon sells sex toys! Most of my London escorts colleagues are really into sex toys and they can be a lot of fun. Okay, even some London escorts play carefully at first with sex toys but you will soon get the hang of it, laughs Sara. There are sex toys for both men and women to enjoy, and don’t forget that there are some great gels as well.

Dirty weekends – never underestimate the power of dirty weeks, says Sara. When I have a break from London escorts services I just love to get away on a dirty weekend with my boyfriend. At the moment London escorts services are really busy so it is difficult to get away. But, when I do get a chance to get away, I just love it. My boyfriend feels the same way, and hotel rooms can be really sexy places. Splash out a bit and book a nice hotel room, order room service and just indulge yourself. I am sure you will enjoy it.

There are lots of good sex advice online according to Sara from London escorts. It is all a matter of finding something which suits you. Don’t be afraid to try new things. If they don’t work no harm done. Find something else and play around a bit, this is what London escorts do. Remember that you don’t have to follow sex guides to the T. They are just there to give you guidance not tell you what to do. I have found some really great sex guides available online. Must of them are very responsible as well.

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