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The first elite Kingston escorts agency has just opened, and it has so far been able to recruit 15 Kingston escorts. It is a completely new service to the area. Of course, there has always been Kingston escorts but many of them have not been elite services. This is the first elite Kingston escorts agency, and many local gents have been local forward to the event.

Gents who have been dating elite girls in Kensington and do not have to travel that far any more, and will be able to enjoy local elite services for the first time. As always our serial dater Alan was on hand to check out the new agency, and let us know what he thought about the service.

fashioned happiness 

Alan dates in London on a regular basis and uses many of the elite agencies. He is keen to try new agencies, and to home Kingston Classy Ladies sounded interesting. Alan has also done a series of international dating for us which has been really popular, and we will continue to ask Alan to contribute to the Better Sex Guide.

Kingston Classy Ladies

I first called the agency on a Monday afternoon, and well spoken young lady answered the phone. She asked me what my pleasure was, and how could she help. I told her that I was hoping to date a hot blonde with long legs and a welcoming bosom. She laughed and immediately arranged an incall for me with a lady called Katrina.

I arrived at Katrina’s well appointed boudoir about one hour later. She invited me in and offered me champagne. She had a lovely boudoir which had been well decorated, and it reminded me of an old fashioned boudoir. It was nice and quite with just some soft music playing in the back ground, so far I was really impressed.

Katrina was impressive as well. You could tell that she had plenty of experience as she put me gently at easy. We chatted for a while, and then she have me the most amazing tantric massage on a special rug on the floor. It was a very sensual experience, and I was able to enjoy the sweetest of experiences together with Katrina.

Katrina is a 5 ft 7 blonde with lovely blue eyes. She does come from London which is useful when dating foreign visitors. Also she seemed to know a lot about the city and the local area. By the sounds of it, she knew exactly where to go for a night out, and said that she could easily suggest a few places.

I was not disappointed at all, and I would certainly consider Katrina’s services as elite. As a matter of fact, the entire experience had been a joy, and I would love to date Katrina again. She was sophisticated, nice to talk to and very sexy.

To be really honest, I would not hesitate to recommend this agency to local gents, and from what I could see, it was most certainly an elite service.

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