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I have just started to date a new guy at London escorts. He comes to London a couple of times per month on business and likes to have some fun at the same time. Not only does he do business in London, but he does business in other places around the world as well, However, he says that the best place to date sex escorts is in London. According to him, the adult industry or business in the rest of the world is not that much fun anymore.

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According to Alan, my new date at London escorts. Amsterdam used to be a great place to visit when you wanted to have some adult fun. But Alan says that Soho in London has more life in it these days. On his last visit to Amsterdam, Alan says that he was really disappointed. He was working around the Red Lights District in Amsterdam, and it was like all of the fun had disappeared. Many of the old shops were closed and there were no red lights on at all. Not really where you want to go for a night out.

Alan also says that the old Reeperbahn in Hamburg is just as bad. He took a couple of business colleagues there for a Chinese meal but discovered that many of the old sex shows had closed down. To his surprise, he thought that it almost had a family atmosphere and you could see families walking around. That is certainly not something that you can see in Soho, and I think that most London escorts would be shocked if you saw that.

So, what is happening? Alan says that it is a little bit like we want everything to be too perfect and too tame. We have cleared up Europe to such an extent that it is hard to find adult fun anymore. Dropping into watching a sex show is something that we don’t speak of any more. Thus is one of the reasons that Alan likes to come to London. Despite the local authorities trying to clean up Soho, many have resisted and even thought legal action through the courts. Alan says that he is sure that Soho attracts a lot of tourists to London.

Should we close down Soho? A lot of the girls that I have at London escorts have worked at various Soho institutions before they joined London escorts in I have mentioned Alan’s point to them and they think he is right. It would be kind of sad if Soho was cleaned up and we ended up without a Red Light District here in London. I would feel the same way. Taking dates to Soho is part of the fun, and I could not imagine London without Soho. It would feel less risky and I am sure that a lot of people would really start to miss Soho after a while. I certainly would and yes, I think that we would see less tourists in London if Soho was cleaned up.

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