Rules of Social Media á La MD2B, Part 2 – Discussing Controversial Content Online

The American Medial Association Journal of Ethics recently released its 2011 John Conley Foundation for Ethics and Philosophy in Medicine essay competition topic.  I entered the contest last year, and thought an excerpt from that prompt would be the perfect starting point for the next installment of my observations about social media usage: publishing appropriate … Continue reading

The Theresa Brown Controversy, Interprofessional Education, and The Patient-Centered Medical Home

The issue of doctor-nurse relations, as raised by Theresa Brown in her NY Times Op-Ed, Physician, Heel Thyself, has left many readers, both within and outside the medical community, in turmoil. In his piece in the The Atlantic, Ford Vox was astounded at Ms. Brown’s lack of professionalism in addressing workplace-issues and implores the physician … Continue reading

Facebook- Friend or Foe?

Recently a classmate contacted me for my opinion on a Social Media proposition. He was interested in creating a Facebook resource for health professions students looking to promote the use of social media well as provide links and information about relevant medical topics. He said he’d done some baseline searching, and although he found Facebook … Continue reading