What is all the fuss about?

Most of the foreign girls here at cityofeve.com┬áLondon escorts are really worried about this Brexit thing. So far, not very much has happened, and the way things are going, I am not so sure anything is going to happen. I don’t think for one moment that the Polish girls here at London escorts are going to be sent back to Poland. They are so worried and don’t even know if they are going to get their money out of the country. Some of them have even started to withdraw their money and keep it in cash at home.

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I went down to Victoria bus station the other day to meet a friend coming from Exeter. Before her coach arrived about 5 coaches arrived from Poland. It was complete chaos and it was clear that the coaches were packed with new arrivals from Poland. I am sure that many of them are here in London to look for work. They certainly don’t seemed to be worried about the Brexit and I am sure that we will see more Polish people arrive in London before article 50 is triggered.

The Polish people that arrive in London do not only work as London escorts. It seems that many companies across London are only too happy to employ Polish staff. Most Polish people that I have met are really hard workers, and seem to work for less money as well. It is a bit like the Polish girls here at London escorts. Many of them share a flat and that makes it cheaper for them to live here in London.

Do we expect too much? I think that many of the English girls who work for London escorts expect too much. We all want to have our apartments straight away and earn a small fortune. If we were only able to learn how to manage with less, I think that we would be better off. The girls that I have met from Poland are really nice and always seem to get on with each other. In comparison I think that many of the English girls are really bitchy.

We should really try to support each other a lot more. I have never worked abroad but it seems to me that many people from abroad do support each other a lot more. They work and live together. If you have a common goal, I think that you will get on better. Perhaps this is something that we should take on board here at London escorts. I have worked for a few escort agencies in London, and in general, a lot of the girls do get on. It is interesting to note that many of them are foreign. Will Brexit see the return of the English escort? I am not so sure about that. The Polish girls are probably here to stay. And I am sure that many of them are taking the opportunity to arrive before our relationship with the rest of Europe ends.

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